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More Benefits found in Walnuts

There is more recent news on the value of walnuts to protect again Alzheimer’s disease.  A recent study at the NY State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities demonstrated mice were better able to...


Eating Healthy For Better Nutrition

An excellent article from Sylvia Mayfield Eating healthy supports our immune system, prevents heart disease and helps us keep a healthy weight. Eating healthy improves our quality of life. Here are some tips for eating...


Cauliflower and Bean Burritos

Burritos are one of the most satisfying meals you can eat. Here’s a way to lighten them up, increase your vegetable servings, and have a wonderful, tasty dish. Source: Cauliflower and Bean Burritos


Cauliflower Vegetarian Enchiladas

Looking for a new meatless dish? Try one of these recipes. You won’t miss the meat. A variety of vegetables, one in enchilada sauce, one in cauliflower puree, topped with cheese. Delicious! Source: Cauliflower Vegetarian...


Salmon and Edamame in Ponzu Sauce

A delicious recipe combining grilled salmon with, edamame, topped with a light, flavorful ponzu sauce. An excellent blend for a dinner that tastes wonderful and helps keep your brain healthier too. Source: Salmon and Edamame...