Buying a gift for a senior can be hard in itself, with most aging people downsizing.

When you are searching for a gift for someone41ruwM0puIL._SL250_ with Alzheimer’s it can be more challenging.

Safety must be considered first off.  Games for instance–you will need to be concerned with piece size–if too small it may end up in their mouth.  Choking is a consideration!  Breakables, knickknacks may be okay, but thing tend to disappear, whether hidden, thrown away (without realizing), or borrowed.  I would suggest valuables be kept elsewhere.

There are still plenty of ideas though, and for many of them more than one is a good idea.  Clothes, stuffed animals, and even shoes may need frequent laundering.  Blankets often tend to move from room to room to dining room or to laundry.

  • Jackets or sweaters
  • Slippers, slipper socks
  • Good tennis shoes, comfortable and not slippery
  • Books, on trains, animals, info on the states, presidents


Blanket Throws – Always Needed, Always Loved

Here are just a couple of styles that are welcome by seniors.  First requirement is washable.  Second is soft.  You can get a variety of weights.  Often residents in assisted living or in memory care will spend time in the main living room, watching TV, enjoying each other’s company.  Some of them are always cold.  Even a thin velour throw blocks the air and warms them.   The super soft throws are so popular now.  They are slightly heavier and even more snuggly.  Pick up a couple of different styles so they will be prepared for any temperature.


Plush and Fleece for extra warmth


Cashmere Plush Velvet Throw

 Life-sized Baby Dolls – Comfort and Calm


A life-size baby to hold



There have been so many times when I have seen a resident on edge or anxious, walking or prowling around unable to settle.  For the women, handing them a life size baby like this one often calms them instantly.

I’m not sure if they realize it is a doll or if they think it’s real somehow.  But I’ve had women ask me to watch it while they eat, smiling and laughing gently while they look on.

Perhaps it shows how instinctive or deeply ingrained motherhood is into women of any age.

If your loved one is anxious or edgy, you might give a baby like this a try

Stuffed animals – Squishably Soft


Who doesn’t love a teddy bear from Gund?

A Big soft stuffed animal is so comforting to someone who is feeling a little lost.  A guy like this one will not only make them smile, but will give them something to hold on to.

Teddy bears are classics of course, but lambs, moose, dogs, whatever is cute will be a hit.

Machine washable once again.  They will need to be laundered.

 Puzzles Entertain for Hours


Puppies galore

Find an entertaining pattern that has focus areas within the puzzle.  That makes it easier for everyone to find pieces that go together, and that makes it more satisfying to complete.  Large pieces are a must, not only for easier handling but also so the pieces are less likely to go in the mouth.  Work the puzzle with your loved one.  They will be so pleased!

Classics Movie Memories


Take them back to the good old days

All ages have loved Shirley Temple at one time or another.  The same with Bob Hope.  They are just two of the famous and classic stars of the movies included in this collection.  You can find all sorts of collections to suit your loved one, from comedy to musical to western or mystery.  They will laugh at the antics, slapstick or otherwise.  Laughter is always a bonus.



DVDs of Classic TV Shows…


Remember Topper?



Remember Topper?  Your parents probably will.  Pick some oldies, like Bonanza, I Love Lucy,Red Skelton, Carol Burnett, Dick van Dyke.  They can watch over and over again and laugh every time.